$500 + In One Day From A Customer I Never Knew???

beachbody-coaching-free-customersYup pretty cool huh! Most visitors to this blog know that we are all Beachbody Coaches which means we promote Beachbody products like, Insanity, P90X, Shakeology, Body Beast, and the beachbody coaching opportunity! Oh yeah and we use them too 😉

Most people don’t understand how it all works, but that is OK that is why we are here. If you want to know how it all works go here https://thefitdads.com/beachbody-coaching/ then get in touch with us here https://thefitdads.com/contact/

I wanted to touch base on something that happened to me yesterday which is pretty awesome!

Basically when you become a Beachbody coach there are different rank achievements. The first is becoming an Emerald coach which means you have 2 personally sponsored coaches on your team. The great thing about being Emerald is Beachbody gives you FREE customers.

What happens is this…. Beachbody is spending millions of dollars on advertising. So someone watches an Insanity or a P90X infomercial and buys the workout. That customer is then handed off to you. The company just gave you a free customer that you can call, email, and market too. Also when they buy another workout or supplement down the road you make %25 off of it! Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Since February I have received just about 80 free customers between my account and my wife’s account. “Yup my wife is part of the team too! ;-)” Now a handful of these customers have bought product, meaning I have made money from them.

Yesterday was the best day I have had in this business! Basically what happened was, one of the FREE customers that Beachbody handed off to my wife’s account ended up buying $1749.05 worth of products… This is an unusual amount, but it happened!

Anyways let us do the math….. $1749.05 X the %25 commission = $437.26 WoW!!

But wait… there’s more!

You will learn more if you become a coach, but you also can earn money on volume points from other coaches on your team. In this case my wife is under me in the business,so not only do we earn the commission, but we earn on the volume as well.

This order was 650 volume points in which I can cycle 6 times.So 6  times my Bonus Rate which is $18  = $108

So.. drum roll please…. for this one sale alone today we have made $545.26 << Not a bad day at the office

I just wanted to post about it because I think it is truly awesome that the company gives us free customers that are real people who have already bought workouts and can turn into real money down the road.

There is nothing better then hearing from one of these customers and learning how one of products has changed their lives. Pretty awesome!!

Thinking about becoming a coach? I would love to talk to you and show you how! Read more here https://thefitdads.com/beachbody-coaching/and get in touch with me!


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