Another Day Another Workout

quoteThree good workouts in a row, how about you?  Come on don’t tell me you’ve been following our posts and you haven’t put in one workout.  Remember my post Monday?  Get up and go!

I can honestly say that The Fit Dads has helped a few already.  My good friend Brian realized that it doesn’t get any easier with age and has made the decision to hit the gym this week.  He has weight loss goals in mind and if I can give him one piece of advice it’s this.  You don’t gain it overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight either.  Believe me I know how frustrating it can be I was 275 at one time remember? Take it one day at a time and set short term goals.  Think of it as winning many battles instead of trying to win the war.

My second example is Darren, he too is getting older and doesn’t hold back the fact that he’s become lazy.  He’s in a rut and has some knee issues but still plays basketball a couple days a week.  Thing is his diet isn’t good and he need a more consistent workout program.  To make a long story short he admitted that he can muster up the energy for the workouts, so with that Darren will be starting Insanity.  This is a perfect workout for him, the diet program will kick start his metabolism and the workouts should help strengthen his knee and improve his skills on the basketball court.

So there you have it in 72 short hours The Fit Dads has helped a few, now the question is what about you?

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