Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

cartoon-sleepDo you know how important sleep is when it comes to weight loss?  For those dads out there with a newborn I’m sure it’s hard enough finding energy to exercise let alone get a enough sleep.  Trust me you’ll forget those sleepless nights soon enough, well until #2 comes around 🙂 And for those dads who have busy lifestyles by working long hours and driving your kids here and there you have to find time to sleep in order to help accelerate results.

There have been numerous studies about sleep loss and how it can actually affect hormones and your metabolism which make you feel hungrier throughout the day.  What do you do if you are hungrier?  That’s right, eat more which obviously doesn’t help if you have weight loss goals.  Lack of sleep also has been shown to store fat.  Here is a couple of tips to help get enough sleep:

  • Skip the coffee/caffeine drinks hours before bedtime
  • turn off the TV
  • keep the room dark
  • schedule an exact bedtime and wake up
  • make sure you get 7+ hours
  • for those new dads out there, try to sleep when your baby sleeps

I know getting enough sleep or motivation to work out isn’t easy at times, but if you make a commitment and want results you have to adjust your lifestyle.



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