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Be sure to watch the videos below that explain more and show success stories.

We hope you have enjoyed The Fit Dads website. Our aim is to motivate and give dads  just like us the tools to get in shape and stay in shape! At the Fit Dads we are all Beachbody coaches and we can offer you the same opportunity.

Do you enjoy fitness, losing weight, and helping others? Then the Beachbody coaching opportunity is just what the doctor ordered. Really it is!

Listen, The Fit Dads is a group of friends trying to take care of our families. We are not going to tell you that you are going to make $50,000  in a week or a month. You know the old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”, well this goes with home businesses as well.

Words we live by are this… If you want to change your life, then you my friend have to change! It is simple as that. If you expect to turn your health around and your financial status around by doing the same things that have gotten you where you are then you are mistaken. We will help you, but we only work with the willing. If you want the change then give us a call or email us and let’s talk about it.

What does Beachbody have to offer?

  • Let’s keep this simple! People sometimes get confused with what Beachbody is offering.  Here it goes… Figure out which Beachbody workout is for you like Insanity, P90X, Les Mills Combat, or any other workout. Check out the supplements like Shakeology or P90X Results & Recovery and get on home direct. (25% off as a coach). Get moving… complete your workouts and get in the best shape of your life.

Share with others

  • Why would you not be excited about sharing a healthier lifestyle with your friends and family? You know they will be asking how got in such great shape. They will be thanking you for the tips in the end.

What about Blogging, Websites Etc…

  • That is the great thing about Fit Dads. For almost 9 years I have been doing internet marketing. Ken and Mike have not. I realized as we started it was hard for them to run a blog, update it, SEO it etc.. so I decided to create this site. allows new members to have an instant blog to post on and send potential customers to. All posts that coaches create will show their own banner ads. You can tell someone hey go to The Fit Dads and choose me as the dad in the drop down. That will send them to you page to get them buying from your links. If you are up for starting your own blog  I am more than happy to get you going with that. In fact I encourage it!

Will you make money as a Beachbody Coach?

  • We will tell you this… you won’t make anything if you do not sign up. If you follow the plans we have laid out for you and commit to be in this and do the work, then a year from now you should be well on your way to a nice part time income, in the best shape of your life, and for some maybe even a full time income.

For Things to Change.. You’ve Got to Change

Ready for that change? Let’s get started! If you were sent here by a coach then click on their name below and get signed up underneath them. If you want  more info use this form and let’s talk!

What is being a Team Beachbody Coach

Beachbody Coach Success Stories

I am a Beachbody Coach


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