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ken beastedO.K. I started the Body Beast workout about two weeks ago , and I am nothing less than impressed with the videos.  I have done P90X and Insanity with great results, but wanted to try something different and attempt to add some muscle mass for the winter.  Now, Tony Horton is awesome, but Sagi Kalev is the man!  The Body Beast workout program is totally different than all the other BeachBody workouts, and that is what makes it so great.  I am going to give you a break down of the workouts and what I have seen and felt over the first 2 weeks of this program.


For this workout program the training schedule is 6 days a week for 12 weeks, which is broken down to 3 blocks.  The three blocks of this program are Build, Bulk, and Beast.  The Build block is the first 3 weeks.  The Bulk block is 5 weeks long, and the Beast block is the final 4 weeks.  I am only 2 weeks in so I am in the middle of the Build block right now, and I am already feeling and seeing a difference in my body.

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Block 1: Build

The 1st week breaks down like this.  Each of the workouts starts with a pep talk from Sagi, and a description of what the workout is going to be like.  Each workout consists of a warm up, workout, and stretch.  The workouts vary in length of time are are shorter than the P90X workouts.

Day 1: Chest/Tri’s

  • The Chest/Tri’s workoutconsists of mostly exercises that I have been doing for years, but the big difference is the super sets and drop sets that are done in all the workouts!  Chest and Tri’s workout is 49 minutes from start to finish, and gives you a great pump.  The entire Build block consists mostly of 15, 12, and 8 rep sets on just about every exercise.  Some of the exercises in this workout include a 8 rep drop set following the last 8 rep set which really gives that pumped feeling.  The sets are designed to start with light weights for the 15 rep set and then increase the weight on the next sets while decreasing the number of reps.  The workout includes all classic exercises like incline bench presses, dumbbell flys, tricep kick backs, and close grip presses.  To really increase your muscle pump you also get a partial flat bench fly, decline push ups, and close grip push ups.  Awesome workout for chest and tri’s, really gives you a pump.

Day 2: Legs

  • This workout is by far the hardest of all the workouts that I have done up until this point.  Even though the workout lasts only 38 minutes the pain lasted for 2 days.  My legs were really sore after this one because you are working a lot of muscles you normally don’t work with just squats and dead lifts.  Anyway this workout continues along with the drop sets of 15, 12, and 8 for almost all the exercises.  There are a lot of old favorites here, but Sagi adds some interesting combinations.  For instance one giant set in this workout contains parallel squats, Bulgarian squats, and straight leg dead lifts, one after another for 15, 12, 8  in each set.  So yes you are doing 45 reps in one set of this exercise series.  Sagi also throws in some step ups, calf raises, and lunges.

Day 3: Back/Bi’s

  • This workout is a classic combination with back and bi’s.  Some old favorites are mixed in here, but the workout is so effective because of the drop sets and the number of reps you are performing.  The back and bi workout is 50 minutes long and really gives your biceps a huge pump.  During this workout you will perform pull ups, pull overs, EZ bar rows, one arm bent over rows, close grip chin ups, EZ bar curls, seated dumbbell curls and a Sagi favorite 1,1,2 hammer curls.  My arms are probably my worst developed body part so I am counting on changing that with workouts like this.

Day 4: Cardio & Abs

  • The cardio workout is a 30 minute full body, high intensity workout that really gets you sweating.  This workout combines squats, running in place, squat jumps, mountain climber, jumping lunges, deadlifts, plyo push ups, and planks.  The workout focuses on 20 seconds of explosion and intensity then a hold for 10 seconds for most of the exercise really giving you a burn.  This is a fast paced workout that will keep your body burning calories throughout the day after you have completed the workout!

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  • The abs workout is only 11 minutes but boy do you feel it the next day.  I could not get through all the exercise without stopping the 1st time I attempted this workout.  Sagi focuses again on classic ab exercises including crunches, hip ups, Russian twists, windshield wipers, and cobras.  Sagi does add some twists here making you perform a spider-man crunch, which consists of a plank where you bring you knee to your elbows.  Also a bucket drop where you are in a plank and then bring your knee across under you body putting your outside hip almost to the ground.  Finally, you finish with his version of the leg raise where you spell BEAST with your feet forward and backwards…Awesome!

kenshreddDay 5: Shoulders

  • The shoulders workout lasts 39 minutes and really concentrates on hitting all the muscles of your shoulder to give them that rounded look.  Again Sagi focuses on the 15, 12, 8 rep and set method for this workout.  Many of the exercises you are used to doing appear here just with that special set routine that really gives you the pump! This workout includes shoulder press, lateral raises, upright rows, rear delt raises, and shrugs.  Sagi does add 2 exercise I have never seen before which are the underhand shoulder press and the Sagi 6 way.  Underhand shoulder press is exactly how it sounds, it is a shoulder press in front, but with your palms facing in towards your body while holding the barbell.  The Sagi 6 way is 6 moves equal one rep.  This exercise includes a lateral raise, moved to a front raise, then into a seated skull crush, and then back out the same way equaling 6 moves. Killer!!!!  Also he introduces you to the 1,1, 2 rep which is front raises 1,1 being each arm and then both arms together equaling one rep…..Burn!!!

Day 6: Rest

  • This is just as an important day as the workout days because your body needs time to rest and repair.  With workouts like this it is so important to give your muscles the time they need to rest.  Over training happens a lot and can really set you back.  Take time to rest and concentrate on your diet on this all important day!

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Day 7: Chest/Tri’s

Same as above, just that much better the 2nd time through the workouts!

 Week 2:                                                                         Week 3:

Day 1: Legs                                                                   Day 1: Shoulders

Day 2: Back/Bi’s                                                         Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Shoulders                                                        Day 3: Chest/Tri’s 

Day 4: Rest                                                                    Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Chest/Tri’s                                                      Day 5: Back/Bi’s

Day 6: Legs                                                                    Day 6: Shoulders

Day 7: Back/Bi’s                                                          Day 7: Cardio/Abs


  • The bulk series is new school bodybuilding routines to pump you up in ways you never imagined.  Here is the breakdown of the workouts for the Bulk Series.
  • The workouts rotate through the next 6 weeks having you complete the same body part you do on the 1st you will do on day 7.

Bulk – Chest- This workout is 30:07 minutes and combines super sets, force sets, and progressive sets to take you chest to another level.

Bulk- Back – Being only 29 minutes long you can’t imagine how difficult this workout is.  My back has always been a weak point in my physique, and that is no longer the case after this workout program!

Bulk – Shoulders These shoulder exercises focus on the posterior delts or the back of the shoulder to give your shoulders a more 3D look.  This workout is roughly 35 minutes and has really made my shoulders much rounder and defined.

Bulk – Arms – This workout focuses on your bi’s and tri’s to get you the big arms you have always wanted.  Lots of super sets in this workouts that really pronounce the hypertrophy effect.  Again this workout is only about 35 minutes.

Bulk – Legs – This workout is a little longer at 41 minutes but will definitely get you some huge legs!


During these weeks you are only going to see two new workouts.  You will see Beast Total Body and Beast Lucky 7.  The majority of the weeks is a mix of all three phases of the program including build, build, and beast workouts all mixed together to give you great results.

Beast – Total Body – This workout has it all including pull ups, push ups, weighted squats, crunches, weighted lunges, dumbell deadlifts, biceps curls and triceps kickbacks.  It is a fast paced full body workout that keeps your heartrate high the whole time.  Approximately 38 minutes of pure awesome-ness……

Beast – Lucky 7 – This workout is only 22 minutes but is crazy intense. This workout is 7 sets of exercises performed 7 times each.  This is the ultimate pump! I am not going thru every set but here is an example of one of the pyramid sets.  You start this one by laying on the floor and doing a tricep skull crusher, then a chest press, then a crunch with the weight in front of you.  You start with one rep each then work your way to 7 reps each…..NUTS…..SO PUMPED BRO!

Well, I am finally finished with the Body Beast program and couldn’t be happier.  I have never done anything like this before and I was really impressed.  The only down side to this workout program is you really need a pretty good amount of weight for this program in order to get results.  The good news is that you can print out the workout sheets to take to the gym with you if you don’t have the weights at home.  Here is the bottom line with this program.  I started in pretty good shape, and still got results.  Imagine what it can do for you….

Body Beast Before & After Picture

Start: 205 lbs with 12.4 % body fat


End: 199 lbs with 9.5 % body fat. I lost weight and gained 1/2 inch on my chest and arms!



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