Can Insanity Help With Your Running Goals?

running_is_a_mental_sport_sticker_rectangleI’ve done some reading on Beachbody, Runners World and BeginnerTriathlete forums and this question comes up frequently.  The answer for me is YES!  The benefits have worked for both short and long distances but for this post I’m going to focus on long distance, and that distance being a marathon. If you’ve been following my 2013 journey one of my goals was to complete my fifth marathon and get back into shape after suffering a broken leg back in September 2012.  Well 8 short months after breaking my fibula I completed the New Jersey Marathon in 3:38:56.

I didn’t know what to expect considering it was 4 years from my last marathon but I credit Insanity for my success.  This was my second fastest of the five marathons and the best I felt throughout the entire race and especially the finish.  I tallied up the least amount of running mileage during my training and let Insanity do the rest.

A couple of things, first I did Insanity in the morning and then completed my daily runs in the afternoon or evening.  I didn’t want you to think I did both workouts back to back, though I did try it a couple of times on some of my smaller mileage days and there’s a reason why that helped too.  My theory behind the back to back workouts was to run on tired legs, this is something you have to get used during marathon training.

Insanity gives you a full body workout, you need a strong core and upper body when running a marathon.  Think about it, you’re on your legs for 3-4 hours, keep your arms raised at waist level, slightly rotate your oblique area with each stride etc.  Building the lean muscle from Insanity helped with all of these.

Insanity works on cardio, breathing, and heart rate which are essential tools needed for running a marathon.

In part two of this post I will map out the Running/Insanity schedule that I finished before my NJ Marathon on May 5th.

Keep moving! Fit Dad Mike



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