Change… Adapt…

Well if you remember I wrote about my P90X / Insanity Hybrid and I can happily say I am in my 8th week of it and I am feeling great.

I actually weighed myself today and I was 218. I cannot remember the last time I was 218. I feel stronger, look leaner and want more.

Time to Adapt

I had written out most of my workout schedule on the calendars here and had left room in April for change. Well the change is coming.

My original idea was to go full Max Insanity Workout for April and really cut any fat I had left.  After talking with a few people I have decided I want to keep some weights in the mix so now instead of doing P90X Mon-Wed-Friday & Insanity Tues-Thursday I am going to switch it around.

I am going to do the Max Insanity Workouts Mon-Wed-Friday and P90X on Tues-Thurs. I am going to try and run on Sat or Sunday and depending on how crazy I get I may actually do a few weeks with some 2-3 mile runs in the morning. Pheww….

Having a plan is the most important part, but just remember the plan can change and you can change it for the better.

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