Coping With Surgery As A Fit Dad…


As you may have noticed, I have not made any workout posts here on TheFitDads in a while, and there is a valid reason behind that.  I have been nursing a hip injury that has stopped me from working out.  In 2008 ,I was diagnosed with a tear in the labrum of my hip after experiencing some lower back pain.  At that time I was not ready to get surgery and underwent a physical therapy regiment that got me back to what I though was 100%.  I have been very active since, until a recent setback in training where I re-aggravated the injury.  This time I met with a hip specialist who informed me that surgery was pretty much my only option unless I wanted a hip replacement by the age of 50.  Because of the pain, limitations, and recommendation of the specialist, I decided to get the surgery. 

For those of you who don’t know the labrum is a fibrous structure which surrounds the femoral head, and forms a seal to the hip joint.  Thankfully with the advancement of modern medicine this surgery can now be done arthroscopically, which is what I had done on Nov 22nd.  This was my first surgery, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The surgery lasted only about 2 hours and I was able to come home the same day.  My hip was really sore, and my body pretty bruised up from the surgery, but I am focused on getting back to better than where I was before.  The first couple of days I spent home sleeping in a recliner and taking pain pills.  Now I have started physical therapy and my journey back to fit dad status. 

Mental State:  Like I said this is my first surgery, and the uncertainty of recovery is really weighing on my mind.  I am not the kind of guy who likes sitting around so I am really in a funk.  I am Feeling bad because I haven’t had a good workout since I got injured, and now my mind is questioning whether or not I am going to be able to get back into the shape I was once in.  Also, it is mentally draining because my family needs my help, but I can’t give it to them right now.  My kids miss me running around with them, and throwing them in the air.  I have to re-focus and start building a positive mindset, and get back moving in the right direction. 

Physical State: Overall I feel better than I thought I would, but just when I think I am feeling better I move a certain way and realize just how serious the surgery was.  I just started my physical therapy, and can’t wait to start getting stronger and feeling better so I can take my recovery to the next level.  I have put on a few pounds early in this process just because of my emotional state, and it being the holidays. 

How I am planning to get back to 100%:   Well as long as therapy goes well I hope to be back to at least full activity, except running, by the 1st of the year.  With that being said I am going to commit to Shakeology as a meal replacement instead of an in between meal like I used to due to my lack of physical activity, and re-focus my eating habits.  Also, I am going to order P90X3 tomorrow so I can start my recovery with a short focused intense workout for 30 minutes. I am really excited for P90X3 and can’t wait to use it for my recovery training program. 

If anyone out there has any stories of surgery they have had, and there recovery process I would love to hear them.  Also any tips or advice for my recovery would be very helpful as well.

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