Family Fitness Fun

Well today the office was closed due to NEMO and the snow is falling hard! Today I got the chance to go with my wife and 2 sons to her Baby Boot camp Stroller Fit class which I have gone to a few times.

It is always a great workout and I am always impressed my wife actually does it 😉 JK honey…

Check out the 3 person plank! Pretty cool although I think my feet were a bit too wide, but it was all in good fun!

3plankThis is just a great example of making time to enjoy staying fit with family. After all we are trying to stay in shape so we can stick around longer and keep up with our kids right?  Once in awhile my wife and I will do some workouts in the basement and there is nothing better then my 3 year old running around and “trying” to do the exercises. It is the best. Not only is it fun to watch, but we are teaching him that fitness and staying healthy is important. I think it is very important to start them off at a young age.

The majority of the time I am doing my workouts in my office during lunch and my wife is going to baby boot camp so it is nice when we can do something like this together as a family.

If you live around the Parsipanny New Jersey area, are a mom and would love to take your kids to workout with you then check out

This is a pretty serious workout not only for you, but for the kids too! Give it a shot you are going to love it.

Now back to this snow… lets hope I can keep the diet clean the next few days while being snowed in! Off to drink a Shakeology 😉

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