February is in the History Books

Well today I finished my first month of my 90 day challenge. Granted February only has 28 days, but I was excited to mark that last box on the calendar!

Today was an Insanity/Ab Ripper X day and I felt really, really good today. There are a few exercises in this routine that I always hate like power jumps and moving push ups, but I attacked them today like it was my job! It just goes to show what a good month of working out will do for you.

feb over

Now in the past this might be the time where I start feeling good, strong, and just start to slack off. Nope not this go around. I know what lies ahead if I keep going with my diet and working out! I can’t wait to see what the next 2 months has in store for me.

How are your goals coming along? How long do you usually stay in a routine for, before the bottom falls out? Any tips for the rest of us?

All I can say is having The Fit Dads around is great motivation and accountability. Every time I see someone post a workout that did on the site or Facebook it gets me pumped up!

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