FF30X Workout Review

FF30x-ReviewWhen The Fit Dads website was started back in 2012 I was 35… now I am pushing 40 and I gotta say it makes a big difference!

  • Recovery is harder…
  • Seems much easier to put weight around the mid section…
  • Energy & motivation seem to be lacking more…

Of course there are a lot of factors involved! I have 3 kids that are getting older and busier with more activities etc…., but I think pushing the 40 mark has really shown mean something.

It has show me that I really to need to make a few changes.

That is why I was glad to have found the Fit Father Project online started by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi.  In the end you don’t have to be a dad or even a man to do his program, but his story of why he started this revolves around his father so it is worth a read!

Regardless of all that I am here to review his main workout FF30X!

I like Dr. Anthony because he is upfront and speaks the truth. I have spoken with him on the phone several times and he is a real down to earth dude who wants to make a difference.

The great thing about the FF30X Workout program is there really is no FLUFF!

And by no FLUFF I mean he makes everything pretty short and to the point. He goes into detail in all aspects of diet and the “whys” which I think is important, but the diet and the workouts are very easy to follow and that is important!

His main goal with FF30X is to take the next 30 days and transform you not only physically, but mentally to truly changing your health and more importantly your lifestyle!

Signing Up To The Program

Hear me when I say this! When you sign up you get access to the program. Login and follow all the instructions and read and watch all the videos.

I cannot tell you how many times I would sign up for a program and just try to go, go, go which is not such a bad thing, but I think sometimes we miss the point of why we are doing what we are doing.

This is especially important in the diet guide section. Take an hour or two to seat down and read it all. Understand why you are going to be eating what you are eating. When you are supposed to be eating and of course what to eat!

Take time to understand the workout and why we need rest days and follow the structure of workouts Dr. Anthony sets up for you.

Don’t go and burn yourself out like you have with other crazy 6 day a week workouts! Been there… done that!

Final Conclusion Of The FF30X Workout

If you are looking for an easy to follow plan, support that is TOP NOTCH, and a workout/diet plan that is easy to follow then FF30X is the workout for you!

If you want a test of what the Fit Father Project can offer you then check out the FREE Meal Plan & 24 Minute Workout plan below. Heck if you just tweak your diet with this meal plan and do this workout a few times a week you are gonna see results!!

Click Here For The FREE MEAL PLAN

Click Here For The FREE 24 Minute Workout You Can Do At Home

After downloading those you will see why the FULL FF30X is going to change your life!


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