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OK… hands up… Who has lost focus on their 2013 New Years Resolutions already?

Sup folks it’s Chris and thankfully I am still working on my 2013 New Years Resolution fitness goals. The main reason is The Fit Dads. I am lucky to have a group of people who are motivating me everyday to get my workouts in! If you look to the right of the site you will see Fit Dad’s Workouts. This is where we post the daily workout we finished. I have to be honest, when I see someone post there workout it gets me pumped to get my workout in!

Anyways… back to this Challenge!! We want to challenge and motivate you to get in the best shape of your life. We want to hold each other accountable and push each other day in, day out.

This challenge is for anyone… Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Dogs… The Fit Dad Challenge is not just for Dads, but for anyone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level. Is that you? You know it is!


How Will the Challenge Work?

  • Glad you asked. Basically we are going to  start this challenge in February… wait, but that is like 2 days away. I know, but it is all good. You just need to start in February. Most of us have been doing some workout since the new year. I will be starting a new P90x/Insanity hybrid this Monday Feb 4th “I like to start things on Monday ;-)”… Ken is doing Body Beast… and Mike is doing a Running Training/Insanity Hybrid. You can jump in anytime you want. I will be listing some great workout/diet options for you below..
  • We are going to start a private Facebook Group that only challenge members will have access too. This will be a place to post everyday or every few days about your goals, the workout you are doing, any road blocks you are running into, and where we will re-fuel you with motivation to keep going! Once you sign up I will invite you to the group 😉

OK Awesome How Do I Sign Up?

  • There are a few ways to get involved.
  1. Sign up for the FULL Beachbody Challenge! Check out the Page & Prizes. Pretty Sweet

2.  Grab a Challenge Pack – Awesome Workouts at a Discount! These will also give you access to Shakeology. Check out Kens’ Post here about Shakeology. I will  describe some workouts you can use depending on your goals below so read till the end 😉

3.  Get a FREE Team Beachbody Account – Totally Free access to

Listen if you really are looking for a change in you life then you need to make the decision to actually change! All the Beachbody workouts are incredible and guess what… they cost $$$, but I will tell you this, they are a fraction of the cost of a gym and you get a full workout/diet plan that will get you the best results ever. It is like having a personal trainer on your TV.

If you want a challenge pack, but are not sure what workouts to get here is a quick overview of the workouts we have done and what is needed i.e. equipment, time, etc..

Insanity Workout “60 Day Program” – All you need is a small area, your living room will do. No weights only your body and a towel to mop up the sweat!  Time wise you are looking at about 33-45 minutes for the first 30 days of workouts then the Max workouts kick in and some are 55 minutes long. It is a short, INTENSE workout that will get you results! Drop the pounds and get lean!

P90X “90 Day Program” – For P90X you will need dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells, a pull up bar “for best results”, or you can use resistance bands as well for pull up moves and the regular moves. P90x is an all around intense workout and is going to leave you pumped and building muscle. The workouts are a bit longer almost an hour and add 15 minutes if you decide to do ab ripper x. I did Insanity and P90X in the same space so not much room is needed. Build muscle, tone up, lose weight.

Body Beast “90 Day Program” – Ken is doing Body Beast right now and has told me he could not lift his arms lol. This program is to put muscle on and bulk up. You will need a good weight set to take advantage of this workout. Put on Muscle!

Les Mills Combat “60 Day Program” – This is the latest workout from Beachbody I have done and it is an all around fun workout. You will need a few dumbbells, maybe 20-30lb. You can get weight gloves which I used. A nice workout mat helps as well. You will be kicking and punching and be sore in places you didn’t think get sore. Lose weight, get toned, kick butt!

All workouts come with a great diet plan that is simple to follow as well.

If you have any questions about the Challenge or any of the workouts above or any other workouts just let us know! Here is the contact page

  • You have the support
  • You know the workouts to get
  • Don’t wait another minute.
  • Get signed up via one of the links above and then let us know and we will add you to the Facebook Group and get moving.

Here is to your fitness!

The Fit Dads


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