Top 5 Workout Songs From Fit Dad Ken!

metallicaI don’t know about you, but nothing helps me push through a tough workout like a great song.  Obviously you cannot use your Ipod for every workout, but running, biking, and lifting weights is where I love to dig deep with great music.  Thanks to modern technology you can even get equipment so that you can swim with your Ipod.  Something about blasting music really gets me pumped for a hard workout, and even gets me through that difficult point in my workouts when I am thinking about quitting.  I am a huge rock and heavy metal music fan so these songs might not be for everyone, but here is my list of the songs that I use to get me going and keep me motivated.  Feel free to add these songs to your playlist to get you through your next workout!

5. Metallica – Enter Sandman – Metallica Album – Length – 5:31 –This is a song that has been around for years, but the drums and the beats hit home every time to get me pumped!

4. AC/DC – Thunderstruck – The Collection Album – Length – 4:52 – I saw these guys in concert and it changed my life a little bit.  This was also the song we played in the locker room before all our home football games.  A classic that still gets me pumped!

3. Rob Zombie – Dragula – Hellbilly Deluxe Album – Length – 3:42 – One of the all time greats!  I once saw a pretty calm guy go crazy when I played this song for him the first time!

2. Adelitas Way – Sick – Homeschool Valedictorian – Length – 3:11 – I run faster, pedal harder, and feel stronger every time this song comes on!

1. Prong – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck – Cleansing Album – Length 4:11 –  The title says it all! If you can’t get pumped with this song you do not have a pulse! 

You may have not heard of some of these songs, but they do it for me every time.  I place these song in a strategic order through my play list to get me started, get me through my sticking point, and to finish strong!  I want to hear your opinions on what kind of music gets you pumped!

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