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Here at Thefitdads we are always trying new ways to get dads inspired and motivated, so we are proud announce our Fitdads spotlight!  We are going to try and make this a regular appearance on the site to show all the dads out there that we care about how you are getting the job done, and want to recognize you for it.  The 1st Fit Dad spotlight will focus on a personal friend of mine who just happens to be a Fit Dad.  His name is Sean Webber and he is the owner/manager/coach of an awesome Crossfit Box called TripleThreat Crossfit located in Red Bank, N.J.( Sean took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about fitness, fatherhood and being a Fit Dad. 


The Fit Dads: How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Sean: I have 3 daughters 5,7, and 9

The Fit Dads:  Have you always been in great shape or did you have to make a change in your life to get where you are at?

Sean: Oooof, No way in my Late 20’s and early 30’s my focus went to making money and a pretty Grandiose life style. Drinking became an issue and I started making very poor life choices. I stumbled onto Crossfit to avoid shoulder surgery and I have to say it really helped me turn my entire life around. 

The Fit Dads:  How are you currently keeping yourself in shape?

Sean: Luckily that turn around involved leaving the rat race ( I was not a very good rat anyway) and opening a CrossFit Box. Which by the way is not a sure fire way for getting in shape, sometimes you spend all day putting all your energy into coaching other people at the end of the day you can be too cooked to workout. You need to be a little stingy with where you invest your energy sometimes. However I am just now findng a balance and getting back into my own training at my Crossfit box and others.  

  The Fit Dads:  If you could only do 1 exercise for a quick workout what would it be and why?

Sean: Probably a concept 2 rower or heavy clean and jerks. both can be used for a full body explosiveness and strength, and if you lighten up your clean and jerks both can be used for conditioning your aerobic work capacity as well.

The Fit Dads:  What are your eating habits like today?

Sean:  I am a bit of a  foodie, I love to cook and eat. My mother got her masters in Nutrition Science from Columbia when I was the poster boy for hyperactivity and ADD.  She kept me on a diet that is her philosophy today which is “eat the widest variety of the LEAST PROCESSED foods”  The whole Paleo movement is great for people who need a clear cut path to get away from processed foods and sugars in general.  However I am betting that the occasional pasta dish is not going to kills me.

  The Fit Dads:  What advice do you have for the dads out there who are struggling to get into shape?

Sean: Realize its a struggle for everyone.  Rich Fronig ( won the Crossfit Games last two years in a row) is struggling his ass off to advance himself right now. You have to learn to enjoy the process.  Also you must FOCUS on diet as much as it sucks, it is really 20% exercise 80% diet. 

 The Fit Dads:  What motivates you to stay in shape?

Sean: I am 41,  I have 3 gorgeous, bad assed daughters. I am raising them with claws of their own but I love the idea of absolutely trouncing some high school punks if I need to. I also really enjoy an active lifestyle and want to be able to play for a long time.  Surfing, skiing, whatever I just don’t want to stop living and having fun. 

 Once again I just want to thank Sean for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help us motivate our audience, and talk about what makes him successful! Check out TripleThreat Crossfit @

Also, we want to spotlight other Fit Dads like Sean, so if you know of someone who is a great role model for other dads, or who is a dad struggling to find there path towards fitness and needs help, reach out to us and we will tell there story or help them make a great one!

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