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mzm.iyzfkhptNeed help finding out what your average pace per mile is when you run, bike etc?  What about amount of calories you burn when carry your clubs playing a round of golf, play softball or even yard work.  Keep in mind these calculators are not exact but they can be very helpful when you are looking to lose weight by using the simple calories in, calories out method.




1.  I like this running calculator because it uses your weight to calculate your calories burned

2. Want to know how many calories you burn throughout the day

3. Body weight, time and activity type links

4. How about Heart Rate Zone

5. Simple running pace calculator

6. Bike speed calculator

7. Want to keep track of you calorie intake

Apps you say?  There are plenty. I’m sure the majority of you have smartphones, below is a list of some apps I use that are very helpful when keeping track of fitness, calories and even workouts.

1. MyFitnessPal App

2. Calorie Count App

3. MapMyRun App

4. 100 Push Up App I also use this app to do burpees or assisted pull ups instead of push ups

5. Couch to 5k App

6. P90x App

I hope these help and for easy reference make sure to book mark this post.  Let me know if you have some links or apps that work for you.

Keep moving, Fit Dad Mike


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