FLEXICUSFace it! We are all getting older and I seriously wonder where some of these aches and pains come from. Sure when I am working out consistency and eating right the pains are less, but wow lately I have been feeling a bit stiff! Could be the weather, but it could be the simple truth that I am just getting old!

Years ago I had a lot of strange pain issues… it turns out it was an allergy to sulfites… pretty crazy right. It was also because I was not in the best shape and I would workout and be active like crazy for a few weeks then do noting for a few months.

Going hard core after doing nothing for awhile is going to get your sore and achy for sure, that is why I always try to preach consistency and moderation here. Anyways…. back then I had tried a product called Flexcin. It was a joint relief type product which had simliar ingredients like most on the market but it had CM8 which nothing else had.

Long story short after about 3 weeks of using it I did feel a lot better! At that time I was changing my diet and working out more consistently and my aches and pains did not go away forever, but they did lesson.

I would still take it for a week or two at a time over the years when I was feeling really banged up.

Recently they launched a new product called Flexicus which is geared towards more extreme athletes and body builders. They are even sponsoring the Arnold Classic that is coming up soon. Wish I could be there!

I decided to grab Flexicus and give it a shot, that was about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I can say this… I have def felt more limber in the morning getting out of bed. I swear sometimes when I wake up I am so tight and achy.. not sure why, but it has helped.

I have just started lifting hard again by using Body Beast and I feel like Flexicus is really helping, plus if you live in New Jersey then you know all the snow we have been getting! Talk about achyness from shoveling, snow-blowing etc.. in the cold! agh!! Anyways I think you get the point.

All I can say is if you have been having some joint pain, or inflammation issues give it a shot! They have a no questions asked full refund policy so the only thing you have to lose is the pain… 😉 I know that sounded corny.

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