Focus T25 Review

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Well as you know most of us have done the Insanity workout and if you have done it then you know it is called Insanity for a reason! It’s INSANE!! Focus T25 is going to give you the best results you have ever seen in 25 minutes a day! It just went live and I ordered my copy! The workout is in and I am loving it. This is the perfect time saving workout for the summer…

All the way at the bottom I have started my ongoing Focus T25 Review

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When I do workout reviews I like to add the T25 review as I go along so they are fresh in my head. This one is going to be a bit choppy, but stick with me I will get through them. I am really loving the workout so far and at 25 minutes it is awesome! It goes by so fast and you get a great workout.

ALPHA – CARDIO WORKOUT “First time done 6/29/2013”

  • OK well focus T25 came in the mail today! We got home from an early July 4th party and it was sitting there. We are also leaving for vacation tomorrow. Ugh… I decided to rock out some T25 at 8:30 at night. Here are my thoughts!
  • Awesome! That was 25 minutes of crazy!! There were a lot of cool new moves I have never done and a handful from Insanity & Asylum with some slight variation.
  • BURNOUTS! – So they have a segment called the burnout where you basically go back and do the power moves you worked up to in a few minute span. There were a few burnouts during the workout and they are tough!
  • This was a leg burning boy!! My legs are pretty sore since I upped my mileage in running this week, but it was tough!
  • All in all Focus T25 delivers in 25 minutes which is great! I am starting a private Challenge Group on Facebook July 8th so if you are interested just hit me up
  • CoolDown – Oh and they do have a 2 1/2 minute cool down segment as well which I did.
  • Here are some pics!


Before I did the T25 Cardio Workout… was not ready for what come next…. 25 minutes of Crazy!




After I did T25 Cardio. Should have waited 5 more minutes. Shirt was more soaked!

ALPHA – Speed 1.0 “First Time Done 7/9/2013

  • Well I did the first Cardio workout a week ago when it came, then we went on vacation so I did Cardio yesterday 7/8/20103 and wow today Speed 1.0
  • I have to say my legs were on FIRE!! I do like the agility factor added to this. A few pages taken from Insanity Asylum II which I did last year and it made me so much faster so I am curious to see how I will feel in about 3-4 weeks from now.
  • I will say this I felt like a SPAZ doing a lot of the moves lol, it took a few tries to get them right. I would say just watch the moves first then try them slowly… you will at least get the hang of them and the next time you do them you will be better. You can also watch Tanya for the modified moves which I did a few times as well.
  • I also took a few more breaks then cardio, but only 5-10 seconds each and like I said before I would follow the modified moves as well if I need more of a break.
  • Overall and awesome workout and only 25 minutes!

ALPHA – Total Body Circuit “First Time Done 7/10/2013”

  • Well it is called Total Body Circuit for a reason and this one had me breaking!!
  • There is a lot of Plank and Push up action in this one. All I can say is if you have not done push ups in awhile you are in trouble!! Again just do the modified moves on your knees if you have too. I was lucky that I had a decent push up foundation from doing P90X & Insanity.
  • I think I took the most breaks in this workout. There was a good amount of squats as well and I was really burning!

APLHA T25 Ab Interval “First Done 7/15/2013”

  • I was pretty tight from the Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race we did on Saturday and this workout really loosened me up! I liked how it had you doing ab work then you would go into some cardio work. It was a nice switch up and kept you sweating.
  • By the time I got to the AB Pyramid I was beat, but then I looked at the clock and there was only a few minutes left… phewww
  • I am writing this 7/16/2013 and my abs are sore! There were a lot of great moves to hit your abs from all angles

ALPHA T25 Lower Focus “First Done 7/16/2013”

  • OH man this was a leg burner! I also ran 3.16 miles this morning so that was prob not the best idea! You are doing a lot of squat work, lunges and the like to really fire up those quads. You also get some good calve work in as well.
  • This is one of those workouts where you want to cry from the burn in your legs, but if you can push it out and get through the next few weeks your foundation is going to be solid as a rock!
  • When I get a month out from my Spartan Race I am definitely adding this one in to the training!


  • I always like to give an ongoing summary of how the workout is going and toss in some tips!
  • The workout is great and it is 25 minutes. Cannot beat that. For instance I normally do my workout during my lunch break so this has been great since it is a lot shorter. Yesterday I could not do the workout at lunch so I had to do it at home. By the time the kids were to bed it was 8:30 last night. Normally if I had to do an hour workout I would not have done it, but since T25 is only 25 minutes it was mentally a no brainer! Love that.
  • The 25 minutes goes by fast, but you get a killer sweat.
  • After each workout there is a 2-3 minute cool down so at least take advantage of that. If you feel like stretching more then by all means do so.


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