Get Up and Go!

goGet moving! Maybe you aren’t ready to run a marathon, complete a triathlon or even walk a few flights of stairs without being out of breath, the important thing is to get up and go.   This will be a common theme here at The Fit Dads with the help from both Chris and Ken our goal is to help motivate Dads like you.

You’ve heard the saying walk before you run, well getting that first workout in is like a child taking his or her first steps.  It takes months to over a year for a child to walk and it may take that long for you to realize that it’s never too late to start getting yourself in shape.  I was one of those Dads that sat back and let myself go, did you read my bio?  This is a perfect example of what it’s like to have a job, be a husband and father yet realize the importance of my future and we here at The Fit Dads did something about it.  The Fit Dads is designed to help give you the tools that worked for us and get you on the path to a happy healthy lifestyle.  Take the dog for a walk, play with your kids or if you need something more challenging try one of the Beachbody workouts you’ll find here on the site.  Tell us you story, struggles or challenges and let’s make 2013 a fit year for you and your kids.  Just remember the most important thing is Get Up and GO!

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