Half Way There

halfwayA month has gone by since I started my new workout schedule and boy what a difference a month can make!  I’ve been averaging 3 two a day workouts per week and it’s really paying off.  Listen it’s not easy by any means, especially when my second workout has been taking place at night after the kids go down.  I made a commitment to myself for 60 days and I’m going to stick to it.

This week calls for a recovery week on the Insanity Calendar and instead of doing a week of Core Cardio & Balance workouts I’ve decided to jump start my Max workouts and schedule the following:

  • Tuesday- Max Plyo
  • Thursday- Max Circuit
  • Sunday- Max Cardio & Cardio Abs.

As you can see I’m taking more days off from Insanity this week which is planned as part of my recovery.  I will then continue month 2 on March 11th and finish Insanity on April 4th.  I’ve planned this perfectly so I can concentrate on my running during the month of April leading to my marathon on May 5th.   I think it would be a big mistake carrying Insanity workouts too close to the marathon, so instead I will mix in circuit weight training (upper body) 2-3x’s per week in order to maintain muscle tone.

Here’s a look at my running schedule this week:

  • Monday- 7 mile intervals, done
  • Tuesday- 7 mile tempo, done
  • Wednesday- 5 mile recovery
  • Thursday- 4 mile, pace down incline up
  • Friday- 20 mile long run
  • Saturday & Sunday off

Now the benefits from the last month of beating myself up 🙂

  • Lost 14 lbs.
  • clothes fit better, especially waist
  • more energy
  • better cardio vascular shape
  • can clearly see more muscle tone
  • feeling less joint pain/muscle soreness
  • the best one of all, motivated others to start their own workout programs

This will be a huge month, hopefully I’ll feel and see even more results once the month concludes.  My goals are clearly in sight, what a great feeling that is!

Quick props to Fit Dad Chris, Fit Dad Ken, my buddies Brian, Darrin, Kevin, my brother in law Joe and especially my wife Kristen for sticking to their programs.  Not only are you benefiting, but so is your family and friends.  Keep up the great work!

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