If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It!



 The above quote is in reference to being healthy and fit.  Eating good and exercising are pretty simple concepts to understand, yet 65% of America is obese.  I am positive that 98% of people know that grilled chicken and broccoli is a better meal for you than a Big Mac and french fries.   So why do so many people choose the wrong meal?  Because choosing the Big Mac and fries at the drive through  is easy that’s why!  Living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  The picture on the left is some of the foods I bought at a wholesale store for my 1st trip out.  After this trip I still need to go to the farmer’s market for some more fruit & vegetables, and the  grocery store for  everything else I need that doesn’t make sense to buy in bulk.  Yes, I shop at three different stores for my lifestyle, and that is when I cannot get to a fresh fish market.  Pictured here is fresh broccoli, eggs, lean organic ground beef, lean steaks, wild caught salmon, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, peppers, and agave nectar.  You will notice no bread, pasta, or rice because I try to limit my carbohydrate intake to after workouts, and sometimes in the morning.  Having a variety of fresh, wholesome foods readily available is a huge key to success.  Stay away from anything that is processed or refined.  If you stick to foods that will go bad after a few days you will be so much healthier.  Do yourself a favor and shop the perimeter of the supermarket staying away from the middle isles where all the horrible food lurks. 

This is not a diet, it is my lifestyle, diets don’t work!  You cannot choose to eat a certain way for a set period of time then go back to the way you were eating and expect the results to stick around.  A key to success while living a healthy lifestyle and eating right is allowing yourself a cheat meal or day.  You can’t go through life denying yourself chocolate or any sweets, but remember it is a cheat day or meal for special occasions, and then you are right back to your healthy lifestyle.  Yes, if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit you are going to spend more money and make more trips to the store, but you will be standing in line at the farmer’s market later in your life while everyone else is standing in line at the pharmacy waiting for their medications.  Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Happy!

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