Insanity P90X Hybrid

OK well I am geared up for The Fit Dads 2013 Challenge!

For the challenge I am going to be doing a Insanity P90x Hybrid.ย  I go into more details below….

If you haven’t read about the challenge then head over here and get yourself signed up!

I have been working out pretty hard the last few months. Couple weeks of laziness here and there, but not too bad. Diet has been so so, but I make sure I drink my Shakeology every day ๐Ÿ˜‰

So during the challenge people can do whatever workout/routine they want as long as they are doing something.

I am choosing to do an P90x Insanity Hybrid.


Insanity VS P90X

This is not about which workout is better. They are two of the best workouts you can do. If you do either one to completion your are going to have life changing results.

Benefits of Insanity

  • Cardio to the MAX!
  • Shorter Workouts
  • Less time only 60 days vs 90 days
  • 2 Phases of Workouts Regular & Max Workouts
  • No weights needed. Only your body.

Benefits of P90X

  • Put on Muscle lifting weights
  • Wide Variety of Routines
  • 90 Days of Life Transforming Workouts
  • Get Stronger & Leaner
  • You get to laugh with Tony Horton ๐Ÿ˜‰

Like I said both workouts are superb and if you do either of them you are going to get results plain and simple.

How I would reccomend Insanity or P90X to you?

Here is my take on things. If you are in somewhat decent shape and really just want quick workouts to shed the pounds then jump into Insanity. The workout times range from 35-55 minutes. If you are not in the best shape then I might say start out with P90X and for the simple reason that you are lifting some weights in the beginning so it is not like insanity where you are dripping sweat right from the warmup. P90x is a bit longer with workouts ranging from 60-90 minutes. Again either one will get you results.

So Why the Insanity / P90X Hybrid

I love both workouts. I have finished a full round of Insanity a few years back and got about a month into P90X and occasionally will do a week or two of P90X. I did Insanity first so when I started P90x the cardio workouts to me were not as intense as Insanity. I loved the weight lifting aspect of P90x and really felt stronger and harder doing them. So this time around I want the best of both worlds. I want the hard hitting weights of P90x with the INSANE cardio of the Insanity workout finished off with AB ripper X from P90X.


Check out the Calendars below to see how I am going to work this. This is my basic road-map and it may very well change.ย  If you look at the image to the right you can see my Beachbody Workout Arsenal, and my P90x/Insanity are not even there. So if a day comes where I am just not feeling a P90X or Insanity routine I may reach for some Les Mills Combat, Asylum 2, or even some P90X2, but for now I am sticking to the calendars below.


My Beachbody Wokouts.

My Challenge Calendars – February, March, April

Click on them to make them bigger…

February 2013 Insanity - P90X Hybrid
February 2013 Insanity – P90X Hybrid
March 2013 Insanity - P90X Hybrid
March 2013 Insanity – P90X Hybrid
April 2013 Insanity - P90X Hybrid
April 2013 Insanity – P90X Hybrid

ย What about Diet

Basically I am going to be eating a lot of veggies, meats, shakeology and some other supplements.

For the first month I really want to focus on giving my body what it needs since I am going to be working out really hard.

Breakfast 7am ish….

  • Shakeology w/banana, scoop almond butter, ice and water blended

Mid Morning Snack 9:30am ish…

  • 2 eggs or 2 chicken sausage, some kind of veggies… mushrooms, carrots, and half avocado

Pre Workout 11:15am ish…

Post Workout 1PM ish…

Lunch? Take the recovery formula, shower then I have this about 1:30PM ish..

Late Afternoon Snack 3:30Pm ish..

  • 1 Chicken Breast – Some Veggies, Carrots, Mushrooms, Asparagus, whatever I have.
  • 1 Cup Brewed Green Tea

Dinner 5:30-6PM Ish…

  • Whatever my wonderful wife is cooking ๐Ÿ˜‰

Snack ??

  • If I feel hungry right after dinner I know I should not be so I try to chug a glass of water. I will usually snack on some carrots or raisans, cashews, or almonds. Couple handfuls of each.

Late Night – Before Bed 10 PMish…

  • I have 1 scoop of the Gaspari Myofusion. This is a blend of protein and has casein as well so it digests slower to keep feeding my muscles through the night. Learn More

Vitamins & Other Supps

I basically take the Beachbody Core Nutrition Pack. I split the serving and take it with breakfast and dinner. This consists of a multivitamin, omega 3, and Calcium. Learn More Here

Again all of this is just a road map. It can and will change. The first month I just want to fuel myself. After I get through Feb I will prob switch things up a bit so stay tuned. In the last month I will try to get really lean so I will prob cut out some fruits later in the day, but I have to see how I am feeling and where I am at. It is good to have a roadmap to start with, just expect to take a different road here and there and don’t get frustrated about it.

Anyways this was a long post. I hope it makes sense. I hope you get something out of it. I think it is a really overall great plan to get stronger and leaner.

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