Does Insanity Workout Work – Insanity Workout Review

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At The Fits Dads we only review workouts and products we have used before. I have been wanting to put up an Insanity Workout Review for awhile since I have been doing this workout on and off for over 3 years!

You can see now I am doing a p90X / Insanity hybrid workout. I just had a recovery week last week and I am going into my 7th week today! I am feeling great. I started an ongoing P90X review as well.  OK enough about all that Chris… tell me about the Insanity Workout.

What do you know about HIT Training? You are about to learn that it is one of the best ways to get in great shape and become a fat burning machine.

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What is Insanity Workout

  • Here is your basic overview of what the workout is. This is the info you can find anywhere.  60 Day Workout. Actually watch this video. You can get the basic idea there and I will give you the inside scoop below it.


My Overview of the Insanity Workout

  • Listen if you want an intense workout and the best results in the shortest amount of time then Insanity is for you.
  • You basically have 60 days Monday – Saturday of intense workouts that are all set up in the perfect way to shape your body and help you lose fat.
  • The first 24 days you are doing the Basic Insanity Workouts
  • Then you have a 6 day recovery week
  • Then you do the “MAX” Insanity Workouts << Good Luck 😉

This workout is tough no doubt about it! If you have been sitting on the coach doing nothing for awhile it is going to a struggle. If you have never really “worked out” before it is going to be a struggle. I will tell you this though… I thought I was in shape the first time I did Insanity almost 3 years ago and it still kicked my butt!

I guess what I am trying to say is no matter what level of fitness you are at, you are going to struggle so just get in there and do it!

Insanity Workout Tips

  • You are going to get sore! Real sore. You will wake up the day after your first workout and think, “why does everything hurt?” Don’t worry that is normal. Get up, get loose and get back in your workout for the day. It will be tough, but you will get through it. I like to tell people the first 2 weeks are going to be hard, but after that your body is stronger and you are going to feel so good!
  • TAKE BREAKS!!! Listen the people in the videos already did the whole 60 days before they filmed this and they are still taking breaks so do not be afraid to take some breaks. Here is what I like to do. When I get to the point I need a break “which I still do” I like to take a good 5-10 second break. So I will just stop &  count 5-10 seconds or more depending on the situation then get back into it!
  • You are going to be SORE! If you are sore that is OK work through the workouts, but if something HURTS then you may need to take a day or two off. Do not be afraid of that. It happens. No sense in really hurting yourself and losing weeks when you could have just rested for a day or two. If you do miss a day or two, don’t worry just get back where you left off.
  • Do the recovery workouts! Take advantage of Cardio recovery. You are going to be really working your body and you need the good deep moves and stretching. I know recovery week can get really boring, but trust me see it through. You are going to be glad you did when the new Max workouts begin. Trust Me 😉


Eating While Doing the Insanity Workout

  • This is not rocket science people. Insanity comes with and awesome food guide. Follow it. Simple as that. You follow it and you will get even better results.
  • On the other hand if you just eat like you have been you will still get results, but not nearly as good as you would if you follow the diet that comes with it or at least tweak your current eating plan.
  • The thing is you are going to become a fat burning inferno. Seriously these workouts get you rocking out the EPOC effect which will have you burning more calories as the day goes on so be sure to have food available. When I say food available make sure it is the right food. No junk!! Have healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, even vegetables like carrots handy. Don’t overdue it, but be sure to satisfy those cravings you might get.

My Real Insanity Results

Here is a video a made awhile back after Max Interval Circuit. I am planning on making a new video the end of April with my current results so stay tuned.


I will tell you this. If you can get through Insanity you are going to be in the best shape of your life. No doubt about it. You just have to do it. Like I said there really is that 2 week breaking in point where after that you are going to really feel the difference. You will be sore and hurting, but after that you are going to be transformed. Get through the 60 days and you are going to be wanting more and more.

Last year I ran the Spartan Race and Insanity was a key part of my training. This year the Fit Dads are participating in a bunch of events.

I feel Insanity is a key part of my training and I will integrate it before each of the events I participate at this year.

Are You Ready for a Change?

  • If you have read this far then I know you are pretty serious about this. Listen losing weight and getting in shape is easy, you just have to do something! Insanity makes it even easier for you , because all you have to do is show up and push play.
  • If you have been looking to change your life then doing the same things you have been doing over the years like, getting home eating a crappy dinner and sitting on the couch watching TV for 4 hours is not going to change anything.
  • You have to WANT CHANGE & then you have to go after that CHANGE

I am here for you. I will help you with motivation, accountability and everything else that comes with finishing the Insanity workout.

You can visit my BIO Page to learn more about me.


Insanity Before and After Pictures

  • I just wanted to add some Insanity Before & After Pictures to show you some of the results people are having! Amazing.

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