Last 30 Days – Started in my Underwear

Yeah I know it is a strange title to a post. Almost inline with my which armpit is stinkier post.

So today is April 1 and the beginning of my last month in this 90 day challenge. No more messing around! I am cleaning up my diet, adding in some more running and going for the gold.


So of course when I am getting ready to workout today on my lunch I realize I forgot my SHORTS!! On top of that I have been lazy in putting my laundry away so all that was left in my drawer were tighty whities which I never wear!! lol So in the past this would have been the perfect excuse to say… well I can’t workout today and be done with it.

Not today! This is the beginning of my last 30 days! I need to be extreme! Sure I could have worked out in my work pants, but I don’t want to be sweating them up and I only brought my clean tighty whities to change into after I showered.

So alas Insanity Max Interval Plyo in my undies. Not even boxer briefs, but old school tighty whities. Granted Tanya in the video was wearing just barely more then me 😉 I barricaded the door and went to work! It was a freeing experience to say the least, but I got my workout in.

Onto Some Serious Things…

  • So this is the last 30 days and I am pretty happy with my progress so far. I have actually got my weight to 217-218 and my normal is about 225 so that is good and I def look leaner. I feel stronger, faster, and overall have more energy.


  • My diet has been pretty darn good, but I could have definitely done better on the weekends here and there. Going forward I really want to take my best stab at getting as lean as possible so if you see me and I don’t partake in a beer don’t be offended 😉


I am switching up my training this month as well. Check out the new April Calendar Here

  • Basically I am turning things around. Insanity 3 days a week and P90X 2 days a week. I will also be trying to do an early morning run 2-3 miles on Tuesday & Thursday which are my P90X days. I will also try to get in my Ab Ripper X after those runs. It will be tough since I will most likely have to be waking up about 5am to get that in, then attack P90X at lunch. It is only 2 times a week so we shall see how I do. Wish I had a treadmill. On the weekends I will most likely try to run on Saturday when the kids are napping, but sometimes I have to get the run in on Sunday. As long as I get it in. Things could change so who knows.  All I know is this is the last stretch and I am not giving in now! I am staying the course.


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