Marathon Taper Madness

two-weeks-300x163Two weeks till the marathon and that means one thing, TAPER MADNESS!  Tired, overweight, grouchy and anxiety are a few things I typically feel during my marathon taper.  These feelings are normal and I just need to trust myself.  I did the training, had many successful long runs of which my last 20 miler on 4/14 was stellar.  After weeks of intense mileage the body needs time to repair itself, you can do a lot of harm if you don’t taper properly which can only lead to a bad race day.  The goal of tapering is to enter race day feeling fresh, free from any nagging injuries and most of all confident.   I’m going to keep up the intensity during some of my workouts in order to maintain fitness but will only do so by alternating days.  For example, one day I’m going to work on speed and the next simply go at MP (Marathon Pace).  I believe my MP pace is right between 8:35-8:45 min. per mile which would give me a finish time close to 3:45:00 which isn’t a PR but a finishing time I’d be very happy with.   I’m will continue Insanity this week but will take off starting the week of the marathon.

So here is how this week pans out:

  • Monday- Insanity Pure Cardio, run 5
  • Tuesday- Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance, run 5
  • Wednesday-  run 7
  • Thursday- Insanity Plyo, run 5
  • Friday- Insanity Pure Cardio, run 8
  • Saturday- off
  • Sunday- off

I’m really looking forward to a successful race day, let’s hope the weather cooperates.

Keep Moving! Fit Dad Mike

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