March Challenge Pack Promotion – P90X/P90X2 & Shakeology

challenge-packsHey a lot of you have been asking me about P90X. You can read my ongoing review here

A lot of you have been asking about Shakeology. You can read Kens Shakeoloy review here

Normally if you were to buy them both it would end up costing you about $275 w/tax & shipping.

Beachbody is having an awesome deal for the Month of March! SAVE $80!!!

1 – If you are interested in becoming a coach, >>>>> CLICK HERE!! <<<<<

Go through the sign up process, and when it asks you if you
Would like to start with a Challenge Pack, DO IT!
Why?  Because you will get P90X and Shakeology for $180 + tax
For a total of $196.20!  You are saving almost $80.
PLUS – Since you are starting with a Challenge Pack, they
Waive the $40 coach sign up fee, which means you are saving
Almost $120!  Do you see why this a no-brainer?

2 – This option is for anyone who wants to order a Challenge Pack, but is not interested in becoming a coach.
You are Paying the same amount, $196.20, which saves you almost $80!
You can get it by >>>>> CLICKING HERE <<<<<

This is a LIMITED time offer, so don’t wait!  There is no doubt in my mind if you follow one of these programs you will get the best results of your life!

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