Pain or Injury

hammyMy coaches in High School always used to say there is a difference between pain and injury.  Pain is common in sports and pushing through the pain can make you stronger mentally and physically, but finishing the game or workout with a potential  injury can set you back big time.  This blog is timely for those that watched the NCAA Men’s Basketball game yesterday between Duke and Louisville, apparently the gruesome injury (compound fracture right leg)  that took place to Louisville back up guard Kevin Ware might of been the cause of stress fractures beforehand.  I don’t know if he had any warning signs or not, perhaps he had minimal pain and thought it was soreness from a long season, regardless I hope he makes a full recovery and is back on the court next year.

Now I’m not in the same situation as above but I do have some issues with my right hamstring.  During last night’s long run my right hammy tweaked on me again at mile 6.  Instead of running through it I cut my 15 mile short to 7, I didn’t want to risk injury.  I woke up this morning and proceeded to do my scheduled Insanity workout, I wasn’t pain free but I didn’t do any more damage either, at least I don’t think I did.

Do I have pain? Yes.

Is it an injury? Right now I’m leaning on the side of No.

Can it lead to an injury? Yes.

Keep in mind that pain is usually temporary and injuries tends to linger, if you happen to have discomfort for 3+ days you very well might be injured and need to consult a physician.

For some reason my pain happens more when I run, so I’m bailing on this week’s running schedule through Friday and replacing them with time on the bike.  Hopefully I’ll feel much better by the weekend so I can attempt my 18 miler pain/injury free. The New Jersey Marathon is 5 weeks away and I need these last two long runs mentally. I guess it’s ok to give up today in order to finish what I have planned for the future.



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