Spartan is coming…

Well the day is almost here! The 2013 Tri State NJ Super Spartan is this Saturday Sept 7th! Looks like I will be running this one solo from the other Fit Dads, but alas I am meeting up with a new group of guys via a mutual friend. I am just glad I won’t be doing it a lone. Last year was tough and having some support is a definite must have!

I know I am in much better shape then I was last year! Last year when I started training I had not run in prob 10 years and before that I was never much of a runner anyway so with all the running I have been doing and training I am excited to get going!

I am curious to see what the course holds year and if it will be the same 11 miles as last.

Anyways… I feel good, I feel ready! Will post and update next week!



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