The Spartan Race Is Coming To NBC!

spartan1Finally, a quality reality show is coming to network television this fall.  This is going to be a cross between Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior, and I am pumped for it.  The Spartan Race has partnered with NBC Sports to bring you a first hand look at this amazing obstacle course race series, and the people who dare and challenge them.  First the Spartan Race teamed up with Reebok to get more sponsorship and better equipment, and now this! The event that is going to be taped and shown on television is the Spartan Race World Championship in central Vermont.  This event takes place on September 21st and 22nd and there will be $250,000 in prize money. NBC will be taping at this event and the 90 minute show will air on October 19th giving you an inside look at this awesome race. 

What is the Spartan Race?  If you are into obstacle course races then you know all about the Spartan Race, but if you have never heard of it, here is a little explanation.  The Spartan Race series offers races for all skill and fitness levels.  You can participate in any of the three different race lengths.

Spartan Sprint – This is a 5K race that has approximately 15 obstacles and is for most people who run and want to have fun doing obstacle course races. 

Super Spartan – This race is about 8 miles and has about 20 obstacles throughout the course, and this one is where it starts to get challenging to most obstacle course racers. 

Spartan Beast – This race is 12 + miles and has more than 25 obstacles, and most people who participate do not finish this race.

I am familiar with this race series because I participated in a Supar Spartn last year in Vernon N.J., and had a great time.  This race has some really unique obstacles and was one of the best obstacle course races I have ever participated in.  This race was at the ski resort in Vernon, N.J. during the 1st week of September.  The weather was awesome and the event could not have been better.  There were some great vendors and the facilities were great considering there were almost 10,000 participants in the two days the race was.  The race had every obstacle you could imagine, rope climbs, super slides, mud pits, spear throw, fire jumping, and even a 25 foot cliff dive into ice cold mountain water to name a few.  spartan2

Now this race turned out to be 11 miles and 2o obstacles so it was more than a Super, but not quite a Beast.  It was 3 hours of fun, torture, and gutting through the pain and cramps! 

Training for the Spartan Race! 

Obviously running was a big part of my training for this event, but you need more than that to complete a race like this.  My running consisted of varying my running surface from pavement to sand and dirt trails.  I also did a lot of running hills and carrying tires and tree stumps while running to train as well.  Now I also needed to make sure I was strong enough to complete all the obstacles including wall climbs and the cargo net climb.  To get my body for these obstacles I completed the BeachBody Workouts P90X and Insanity.   Finally, the biggest part of training is your diet and how your body recovers.  You need to fuel your body with the proper vitamins and minerals.  When working out for these races and trying to build muscle you also need to add some extra protein.  For this part of my training I added Shakeology for all my vitamin, mineral, and protein needs! This healthy protein shake help me feel lean and clean while making sure I did not crave sugar or other foods that could hurt my physique.  The FitDads arer going back to North Jersey this year to do the Super Spartan again, so if you are interested in participating with us or need help training just message me!

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