TeamBeachBody First Responders Challenge Group

 firstresponder                                                                According to a recent article by the  First Responders Foundation  about 75% of first responders are overweight or obese.  That is a shocking number considering that first responders are tasked with saving other people’s lives.  As a first responder myself I really took this article to heart.  I have been a New Jersey State Trooper for 9 years now and have had so many great experiences with other first responders from everywhere I wanted to personally change this.    This article really made me want to do something to change that number and help other first responders get healthy. 

     Now we need to focus on why this is happening to this specific group of people.  The biggest reason why so many first responders struggle with their weight is because the schedule required to work these jobs interrupts  normal sleep and dietary patterns due to shift work.   Not sleeping regularly and eating at all hours of the night make is difficult for first responders to maintain a healthy weight and exercise routine.  Along with shift work the stress associated with these jobs also takes a huge toll on the first responders bodies. 

     The Challenge:  I am starting a TeamBeachBody First Responder Challenge Group to help motivate all first responders to get into shape or take their physiques to the next level.  The challenge is this:  Select a Challenge Pack that fits your needs, Commit to the workouts, Drink your Shakeology, and succeed! Like I said before, I am a first responder myself and want to help as many people as I can to make a change for the better.  This group will have a special bond together because not everyone knows what first responders go through risking their lives to help others.   TAKE THE CHALLENGE TODAY!

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