To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

stretchTo stretch or not to stretch that is the question.  I just read a really interesting article titled Stop Stretching.  You can read it by clicking here.  The article is very interesting and goes into detail about why stretching can be harmful , in fact it may actually cause injury.  Do I stretch? Yes and no.  I don’t stretch before or after I run, for me the best muscle warm up is to start out jogging slowly and gradually pick up the pace.  Same thing goes for a cool down, I slowly bring the pace back down at the end of a run.  This is what works best for me when it comes to running, however I do stretch when it comes to Insanity.  I follow Shaun T and his stretching routines after the warm up and end of the intervals.  I guess I find it more beneficial for me to stretch when I’m doing lateral movements or work with the core and upper body.   So the question is do you stretch or not?  I’m going to see if we can get a polling section up on The Fit Dads so we can do some more fact finding and share the results with you.

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