Top 3 Reasons To Become a Teambeachbody Coach!

CHALLENGELet’s start with what a Teambeachbody Coach does.  A Teambeachbody coach is someone who has had a life changing experience using Beachbody products, and now has decide to help others using the proven products and programs.  A Teambecahbody Coach supports and motivates others to help them achieve their physical fitness goals using Beachbody’s proven fitness programs and nutrition supplements.

Number 3: Discounts – By becoming a Teambeachbody coach you instantly get a 25% discount on all Teambeachbody products.  That’s right 25% off all of those great home workout programs.  Insanity, P90X, Body Beast, 21 Day Fix, Hammer & Chisel and a bunch more.  You also get that same discount on the “Heathiest meal of the day,” Shakeology.  that means that you will be paying $97 dollars a month for Shakeology!

Number 2: Getting Paid to Workout! – Yes, you heard me, Teambeachbody pays me to workout at home and share my experiences and achievements with others.  All I do is workout at home, drink my Shakeology and share what these products have done for me.  When someone  decides to change their lives with my help, I get paid.  Teambeachbody offers a 25% commission to its coaches without ever having to touch the products or hold any inventory.

shakeology_thumbnailNumber 1: Helping Others – Never mind the discounts and commissions the best part about my job is helping others achieve their physical fitness goals.  There is nothing like the feeling when someone loses weight, gets off their medications, and now is filled with confidence because of how they look and feel.  Not only can you help someone change physically, but often times the transformation is more mental than anything else.

If any of these reasons sound like something you would be interested in doing then it is time for you to become a Teabeachbody Coach yourself.  Become a coach now!

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