Top 5 Reasons To Quit The Gym And Get Fit At Home!

There are so many gyms and health clubs out there it is hard to choose the one that is right for you.  Getting the results you want when it comes to your physique or fitness does not come from the gym it comes from within!  So this short article is to show how you can save time, money and hassles by working out at home and getting the results you want! I am going to give you the top 5 reasons to quit the gym and get fit at home. 

overcrowdedgym5. Overcrowded– Gyms make money by having more members.  More members means less equipment for you when you finally get to the gym.  There is nothing worst than sitting in traffic after working a long hard day at work to get to the gym and have to wait in line to use the treadmill.  Exercise is supposed to be a stress reliever, it is not supposed to add stress to your day by having to run around the gym looking for open equipment to use.  Finally, it always seems that everyone at the gym is bench pressing on the same day that you are.  Too many people too little equipment, that is a problem you will not have with a home workout program.                                                                                     

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4. Weird People – I am not saying that I am the most normal person out there, but it seems that a lot of  strange people hang out at the gym.  The grunter, the crazy sweater, the stinky guy, the weight thrower guy, the can I jump in guy, the can I get a spot guy.  You name it, that person is always hanging around the gym waiting for the worst time to try and talk to you. sweattyguy

 3. Distractions – Today too my gyms focus on adding comforts and amenities to the gym people forget about why they are actually at the gym.  T.V.’s, coffee bars, juice bars, cafe’s, massages, tanning, and all sorts of things to stop you from working out!

2. Time Consuming & Pricey-Now you get what you pay for, and that is so true when it comes to a gym.  If you join a gym with a sauna, pool, juice bar, and brand new equipment, you are probably going to spend $60 -$100 a month for something like that.  Usually with that price comes a sign up or registration fees!  If you are going to pay $20 a month, good luck finding equipment when you want to use it.  Also with the $20 a month gyms you are lucky the locker room is bigger than a closet!  Now, aside from the cost think about how much time you spend packing a gym bag, driving to the gym, working out, changing back, and driving home!  Add that time up and you have wasted a ton of time not working out!                                                                      

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1. Having No Plan!Too many people think that simply joining the gym is the answer to their fitness problems, but that is not the answer.  Many people are happy to say that they went to the gym, but if you ask them what was their heart rate or how many calories they burned they have no idea.  They not only have no idea what they put their bodies through, but have no plan for the next day.  So many people join a gym, pay thier fees and never go back because they don’t see any results.  Don’t let the gym suck you in! 

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