Two A Days

two-a-daySo here’s the deal, since breaking my leg in September I mentioned that I put on some weight, where did those extra lbs. go?  Right in the mid-section. I’m going back to what worked the last time I had that spare tire/love handles, Insanity and running.  Two a day workouts for me 4 days a week, time to take the 2013 Fit Dad Challenge head on.  I know it’s not going to be easy, it’s not meant to be, but to make a commitment and dedicate yourself for 60 days out of the entire year isn’t asking a lot, right?  After the 60 days it’s all about maintaining which comes a lot easier as we enter spring.

Here’s the best part my buddy Darren is starting Insanity tonight, Fit Dad Chris started his Insanity/P90x hybrid today, and my wife is planning on getting in on the mix.  I finally fixed my treadmill this weekend which means my wife and I plan on working out in the garage a couple mornings together.  I’ll hammer out Insanity while she’s on the treadmill.  Remember what I said in previous posts, power in numbers.

I need to continue increasing my running miles as I plan for my marathon in May, if I miss a day of Insanity then so be it, I’m not going to get upset.  Adjustments will be made accordingly.   Here’s a glance at my schedule:

  • Monday- Insanity & 7 miles
  • Tuesday- Insanity & 5 miles
  • Wednesday- Insanity & 7 miles
  • Thursday- Insanity & 5 miles
  • Friday- 13-20 mile run
  • Saturday- off
  • Sunday- Insanity

As you can see I’m not doing 2 a day’s every day for the simple reason of giving myself some sort of break and also lessen the chance of injury.  It would be crazy to do Insanity on the same day before or after a 13-20 mile run.

I know week 1 will be the hardest with major soreness setting in but I’ve noticed that once you start the Insanity warm up your thoughts of being sore quickly disappear, same goes for the first mile or so when running.  By the end of week 2 I should start to see some differences in the waistline along with losing a few of those extra lbs.  For those doing Insanity for the first time, take a before and after photo of yourself.  Trust me on this one, if you want proof just Google Insanity Before and after.

Part 1 of day 1 is complete with my 7 miler in the books, I have a date with Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit tonight around 9:30. Only 59 1/2 days to go 🙂

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