Week 4 of The Challenge

YES!! I am in week 4 of my P90x/Insanity Hybrid workout 90 day challenge.

From past experience this is usually where things either get way better or way worse.  What I mean by that is usually after I have gone about 3 weeks I start to feel a lot better and even look better then something happens and I fall off the wagon and go back to junky eating and not working out. On the other hand this is where my buddy is turning into a fat burning machine and if I keep it up I am going to see the results I want!


I am going to keep going! DUH!

  • I think we all knew that 😉 Going into week 4 today I was a bit excited because my P90x routines were switching up and I was looking forward to the Chest, Shoulders, and triceps routine which kicked my behind…
  • My diet has been really good. During the week I have been eating great and during the weekend I have been eating a lot better then normal. I mean way better. For the first 60 days of this challenge I want to eat good, the last 30 days I am really going to try to go on a cutting diet and get ripped! 😉 We shall see.
  • I am feeling stronger, looking better, and having more energy.
  • I decided to bust out a 5k yesterday. I have not ran in 5 months. My legs were like jello afterwards and today I am very sore. I just hope they are ready for some Insanity tomorrow.

Just wanted to shoot out an update on how my journey is going.

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