Which Armpit Stinks More?

Don’t even ask me why I am posting this today! I have noticed lately that my left armpit is way more stinkier then my right armpit.

Now I have not used antiperspirant in probably 5 years however I do use deodorant. Basically antiperspirant blocks your pores and deodorant just helps you smell a bit nicer. I don’t like blocking my pores… I like to sweat and let my body do its’ thang.

stinky-pitNow if you were waiting for some inspirational information in this post I am sorry, I am just really curious why my left pit is stinkier then my right one. Actually the right one does not even smell, but the left one…. I will understand if the next time I see you, you might just be staying away from the left side of me.

So could it be my diet? I have been eating great. Maybe my body is just cleansing itself? Bueller? Anybody.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. We all stink sometimes, so don’t get all shy on me.

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