Working out When Traveling

Well I just got back from a conference in San Francisco. We left last Thursday the 17th and got back last night Monday the 21st.

Going into the trip I packed my workout gear, some Shakeology, vitamins, and my will to make sure I got a workout in!

Did it happen? No… Arghhhh. Normally I do not workout on the weekends so I figured if I could get a workout in on Friday and maybe Monday morning I would feel better about the whole thing, but alas I did not. The conference was pretty much a full day of learning and my brain was fried. A workout would have probably been a great thing, but it just did not happen. This led me to the next thing I could do… eating…


How about your diet when traveling?

  • I think most can agree this is one of the hardest things to stay on track with when traveling. With so much good food at your fingertips it is hard to eat healthy. Now did I eat super healthy… no. Did I eat super bad… no.
  • During the trip I figured if I was not gonna get in a workout, I better at least watch what I eat. I made sure that I started the day off with a Shakeology instead of the typically continental breakfast I would normally devour.
  • I made sure to have some sort of healthy snack during the day. This made it a lot easier to choose something better when lunch and dinner rolled around. Normally I would not have snacked and been so hungry I just grab the worst thing to eat.

What about beer?

  • I have to say there was a good amount of beer that was drunk. Nothing too crazy, but more then usually. Those white ales can really pack on the calories. 😉 It was nice to sit back with friends and enjoy a few beers. I don’t like to think about that when I am sitting back and hanging out. Don’t let some extra calories ruin a good time.

Getting back into the routine

  • One thing I enjoy and find I get in my best shape is when I have a routine! Traveling definitely breaks me out of the routine, but you have to get back in it so that is just what I am going to do today. I had my rest, I had my beers, I had my foods, and now I have to jump back into my workout and get it all moving again!

Conclusion of the Trip

I am only writing this post because I know a lot of you travel and it is just hard to get in a workout and eat right sometimes. If you can do it then great, but if you cannot don’t let a short trip or a long trip ruin your overall goal. Get back into your routine and attack it hard!

  • I just chugged my pre-workout shake
  • I got my sneakers on and my shorts on!
  • I am ready to rock out with some Les Mills Combat

Until next time stay fit!!

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